SIA JP SOLUTIONS INTERNET SHOP APPLICATION PROVISIONS. These terms apply to all purchases of goods by ordering them over the Internet, by telephone, fax or e-mail. Read this document carefully before ordering goods. SIA JP SOLUTIONS may from time to time change the terms of use. Please read them before making a re-purchase. Buyer with consumer rights can see Delivery and purchase terms. If the item is in our warehouse, then the buyer receives it within 5 days from the time of ordering if the goods are not in stock, the expected delivery time is from one week to one month, depending on the product and the quantity ordered. For questions, faster delivery options and more accurate delivery times, we suggest you contact us by e-mail before ordering; [email protected] or phone +371 29994784, In case you do not know exactly what you need, please contact us, we will be glad to give you advice so that you will purchase the item you are looking for. SIA JP SLOTIONS supplies the product to the following countries: Poland, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Norway, Greece, Italy , Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania. When delivering goods to Norway and Switzerland, JP SOLUTIONS will charge a separate customs clearance bill, which will have to be paid to ship JP SOLUTIONS out of the warehouse. Delivery to the european islands costs an additional EUR 15. If you want to save on delivery, contact us and we will find the best delivery method for you, because our online store has fixed prices and the delivery price is calculated using DPD courier services.


the warranty does not cover mechanical damage to the product, scratches caused by the use of the careless product;

the warranty does not apply to product design elements;

warranty repair will not be made for goods damaged by water if there is no indication "waterproof" on its body;

the manufacturer is entitled to refuse the warranty repair of the goods if unprofessional repair marks are visible;

if the buyer can not produce a valid check or bill of lading, the guarantee is canceled;

Warranty repairs do not apply to damage to the product caused by fire, flood, earthquakes or other hazards.

Goods exchange or return policy:

If the product returns after one of, which is not a guarantee case, JP SOLUTIONS will not charge shipping costs.

If the item is returned after the warranty and JP SOLUTIONS delivers a warranty case, we will offset the shipping price by the fact  by setting the maximum price for the DPD courier parcel pricelist.

All disputes that arise are negotiated.

If the dispute can not be resolved by negotiation, it is resolved in accordance with the procedure specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.